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Brief History

Brief History

The International Master of Business Administration (IMBA) Program was founded in 2003.  Half of the students are Taiwanese citizens and the other half are from abroad.  We prioritize diversity; not only that our students are from 16 different countries, but also more they are from different educational background with variety of work experience.  The 2005 class is made of 78 students of which 40 are from abroad.  The 2006 class is expected to be even larger and more diverse.

The program is designed to develop and sharpen students’ business skills to manage enterprises in a global environment.  Furthermore, through interaction between local and foreign participants, the students are able to obtain insightful knowledge of culture differences and cross-culture understanding.  Students will experience both international negotiation and cooperation.

English is the official language of the IMBA program. 100% of the course work is conducted in English.  Since most IMBA students are not native English speakers, you will probably improve your English as well as your business knowledge! Conducting lectures in English and having distinguished professors from foreign countries help students advance their verbal and written ability, which is crucial to their research work.

In addition, with a specific focus on becoming an Asia-Pacific Regional Operations Center and ASEAN, ASEAN + 3, APEC and WTO by our government, this program provides excellent multi-culture learning environment for the students. We are proud of the vital contributions from both the domestic and international educators/professors in our program. In this respect, not only will students find new ways to upgrade their practice of business leadership via academic education, but also establish their business network around the world. This program is also expected to boost further cooperation among Asian universities through various forms of academic exchanges.



2021/08/01 ~  present       

Director of IMBA professor Wei-Shiun Chang 


2018/08/01 ~ 2021/07/31

Director of IMBA professor Miin-Jye Wen


2012/08/01 ~ 2018/07/31

Director of IMBA professor Jeng-Chung Chen


2009/08/01 ~ 2012/07/31 

Deputy Dean of College of Management professor Zhe-Nan Pan served as Director

Prosessor Xi-An Shi served as CEO


2006/08/01 ~ 2009/07/31

Director of IMBA professor Wann-Yi Wu

(also served as Dean of College of Management in the first year )

Deputy Dean of College of Management professor Zhe-Nan Pan served as CEO


2003/08/01 ~ 2006/07/31 

Dean of College of Management professor Wann-Yi Wu initiated IMBA program;

Deputy Dean of College of Management professor Zhe-Nan Pan served as CEO