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Regulations of IIMBA Students' Applying for University’s Exchange Student Program and College of Management’s Exchange Student Program: 
1. The applicant must have finished three quarter (75%) of credits out of the graduation course credits. 
2. The applicant must get his/her advisor’s approval. 
3. The applicant must have finished his/her proposal defense. 
4. The applicant’s waived credits during exchange plus the waived credits in College of Management, NCKU, must be no more than six (6) credits. 
5. The maximum of applicants in every academic semester are one (1) international student and one (1) local student. 


Students are responsible for signing themselves in on the attendance list in every class. Please refer to NCKU Study Regulations. 
Starting from Batch 102, students are required to submit the TOEFL ibt equivalent with a score of at least 80 before his/her application of proposal defense. The regulation is as following: 
The students who came from the following seven countries do not need to submit the English Proficiency Certificate: 
United States of America; United Kingdom; Canada; Australia; New Zealand; Republic of Ireland; Republic of South Africa 
The English Proficiency Standards is as following: 
Toeic 750; Toefl ibt 80; Ielts 6.5 

If a student is planning on being absent from class, they are required to: 
1. Ask permission from the professor of the class(es) that will be missed. 
2. Ask the professor(s) if s/he requires the student to fill out a Student-Leave Application form. 

If the professor requests the student to fill out the Student-Leave Application form, the form must be picked up in the IIMBA office and filled out as per the Student-Leave Application Regulations on the back of the form. 

All international students are considered full-time students. International students are required to take at least two day-time (non-weekend, non-evening) classes each semester. Special requests for taking only one or no day-time classes must be approved by the Director. 
If the Office finds that a student is in violation of the day-time course regulation after the final add/drop stage, a warning letter will be issued. If no action is taken immediately following the warning letter (within the two days of manual add/drop in the office), the student may lose his/her NCKU Scholarship privileges for one year, and/or for future considerations. 


In general, no student can take more than four (4) courses (included) per semester, including courses taken outside the IIMBA Institute. If a student wishes to take five (5) courses (i.e. an intensive course + four regular courses, or five regular courses), the regulation is as follows. 
· First-semester students cannot take five courses 
· The applicants must have shown acceptable level of academic performance within the past semester (i.e. an average grade of at least 86 points, and at least 80 points for each course) and 
· The application timeline: from the beginning of first stage course selection to the end of second stage course selection 
· Applicants should obtain the approval from their advisor, follow by the approval from the Director. 
· They must ensure the fifth course is a non-evening, non-weekend course (bringing the total non-evening, non-weekend courses taken that term to three) 

If the Office finds that a student is in violation of the maximum course load regulation after the final add/drop stage, a warning letter will be issued. If no action is taken immediately following the warning letter (within the two days of manual add/drop in the office), the student may face the consequences of losing his/her NCKU Scholarship privileges. 


· Name tags will be provided to each student to help professors identify each student. 
· Teaching assistants will be checking attendance throughout class time. Name tags are mandatory during class time. 
· Replacement tags may be purchased in the IIMBA office for 100NT. 

Students are required to activate their NCKU email upon completion when studying in NCKU, as all the official announcements from the IIMBA office and the university will only be sent to NCKU emails. 

Special exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis. Please speak directly with your professor or IIMBA Office. Furthermore, such special exceptions are subject to final approval of the Director. 


A student may be barred from receiving graduation diploma if acts of plagiarism are reported and verified in his/her thesis content. 


Upon the approval by the Taiwan Ministry of Education, the Master Degree Candidate will receive a diploma of Masters of Business Administration from the University. 


The Administration Office has approved the rules and regulations listed above; further revisions may be made by the IIMBA from time to time without further individual, advanced notice. Students are responsible for checking any updates of rules and regulations.