IMBA tuition fee should be paid in two stages, namely the tuition and miscellaneous (including student insurance fee), and credit fees.

  1. Payment date
    1. Please refer to website of register division [Academic Registration Notice and Payment information]Website: 
    2. For available printing date for billing statement, please refer to website of office of finance cashier division.Website:
    3. School will also send email notification to student’s email (which is provided in the NCKU Portal), to remind student to pay the fee on time, avoiding loss of rights.


B. Before the payment deadline, students should login the Bank of Taiwan website to download and print the billing statement by themselves

    1. The payment period of tuition and miscellaneous fee for the first semester will be around end Aug while that for the second semester will be mid Feb.
    2. The payment period of the credit fees for the first semester will be around end Oct and that for the second semester will be around mid-April.
    3. Our university has no longer issued any paper tuition billing statement. Students need to download the statement by themselves from the Bank of Taiwan website at
    4. Students must complete their payment before deadline. If they fail to pay the tuition fees, it will be regarded as failure of registration and they will be dismissed according to school regulation. (Students with loans are excluded for this regulation)
  1. Our university has no longer issued any paper tuition billing statement. Students need to download the statement by themselves from the Bank of Taiwan website at
  2. The billing statement printing procedure are as followed:
    1. Login the website of Bank of Taiwan Portal for tuition and miscellaneous. (Website:
    2. Click [Student Login]
    3. Enter [ID card number], [Students card number] and [birth date] (please fill the birth date in the year format of ROC Taiwan yyy/mm/dd in 7 digits)
    4. When the “payment information enquiry” is shown on the screen, please click [review]
    5. When related information is on the screen, if you want to print out the statement, please click [output of pdf statement]. After a few seconds, a dialogue will appear, you may be asked to open the file or save it. After opening the file, you may print it in A4 size. If you can’t print, please call the cashier division for enquiry (Ext. 50613).
  • To avoid mistake payment, please select the correct academic year and payment items.
  • Please do not overpay or pay more than once, avoiding loss of rights.



After finishing payment, if students who are not pay in the counter in the Bank of Taiwan branch require official receipt, they can print out the certificate 2 days after the payment (7 days for those who pay at local convenience store), the instruction for printing procedure is as below.

  1. Login the website of Bank of Taiwan Portal for tuition and miscellaneous.
  2. Click [Student Login] at the left bar, then click [Student Info], then click [Personal Payment Info]
  3. Select the semester and payment item that you want to print, then click [confirm].
  4. When the related payment information is shown in the interface, if you want to print out the bill statement, then click [Output of PDF payment receipt], after a few seconds, a dialog will be shown and ask you if you want open directly or save the file. When the file is opened, you can print in A4. If you want to have university stamp on the copy, please go to Cashier division Counter 2&3 to for stamp. (Please take a note on the academic year and semester when printing)
  • Note: the receipt of tuition and miscellaneous can only be issued in the name of individual and issuing in the name of a company title is not accepted. (the payment receipt for credit programs can be issued in the name of company title)

Health check is a required process for every new student, as new student need to submit a health report which fulfills the items listed by health center.

Related information for new student health check please refer to : )

Please go to the designated venue for health check and submit the health report within the scheduled time arranged by health center (around mid Sep to end Sep) after enrollment.

If you can’t go to health check on the scheduled date because of the emergency issue on that day, you can bring NCKU health check form to other public hospital and do the health check (clinics are not accepted), and then return the health check report to health center. The health check report is only valid within 3 months after it is issued, please re-do the health check again if expires.

  1. Course enrollment for NCKU students can be divided into 3 stages:
    1. Stage 1: IMBA doesn’t open the first stage for course enrollment.
    2. Stage 2: Enrollment for all course in the academic year.
    3. Stage 3: Enrollment for add or drop courses.
  2. Instruction for course enrollment.
    1. Students are allowed to add or drop courses online within
    2. 2 weeks after enrollment.
  3. Students need to enroll the courses according to the course list and regulation by department. In principle, students need to choose the coursed offered by their own institute, only those fulfill the requirement of each department are allowed to select the course offered by other institute.


  1. Please go to NCKU official website and click the link to NCKU Portal, enter your account (student no.) and password for login, then you may access to NCKU Enrollment System.
  2. For new students’ login, the password of domestic students is last 4 digits of ID card+ last 4 digits of birthday; the password of international students and overseas Chinese students is last 4 digits of student number and last 4 digits of birthday.  
  3. When you login first time as new students, you are required to revise the password. Other instruction guideline please refer to the system instruction of Curriculum Division.
  4. If you want to enquire course list, please refer to left bar side in the official website. 

Please go to NCKU official website ( left side bar,

Through the link Campus Information>Student Campus>Course Information and Enrollment System>>Course Information, click (RA)IMBA

  1. Instruction for transcript application:

Application time: Monday to Friday: 8.00 am - 5.00 pm

Applicants: Current Students and Alumni


B. Application way: registrar coin machine application in person, online application or correspondence application.


※ Note 1: Correspondence application need to attach return envelop and admin charge, please remark your graduation year, application category and no. of copies.


※ Note 2: If you graduated before 1990, the processing day will be 3 days for those who have application record, otherwise it will need 1 week. (English/Chinese certificates charge NT$20 per each while English Diploma certificate will charge NT$100 for each.)

In principle, only 4 courses can be selected in maximum for each semester, for those who would like to take more than 4 courses, they should fill in the “Approval Form for Special Exceptions” and get advisor’s approval. For those who haven’t fulfill the credit requirement for coursework, they should at least select 1 course in each semester (Students in suspension are excluded).

For students who have taken or credit waived the courses (for example, marketing management), they can’t take the courses again.  NCKU only admit one course for those have same course names. If students can’t graduate successfully due to insufficient credit requirement in that they select 2 courses in the same name, they should take other courses to supplement enough credits for graduation requirement.

According to the third article of NCKU Rules and Regulations of Graduation Examination for Graduate Students, students need to complete the required coursework and credits designated by the academic degree program with their graduation qualifications. In other words, students who doesn’t fulfill the 39 credits coursework requirement don’t have and can’t apply the qualification for final defense.

No, you can’t. According to IMBA regulation, only students who have taken 12 credits can select that course.

  1. For those who already logged in the portal successfully but forget the password:
  2. You may use the password security mechanism offered by NCKU portal, which means you can reset the password by finishing the Q&A you create before.
  3. If you forget the answer to the Q&A, or you didn’t set up the Q&A, please bring your student ID card to Computer and Network Center service counter at 1st floor to reset your password.
  4. For those who forget your email password:Please login to NCKU portal and change the password, after that, a total of 13 service password will be synced, and you don’t need to come to Computer and Network Center to reset the password again.
  1. Instruction for suspension: you can apply suspension before the beginning of each semester or after enrollment of each semester to before final exams.
  2. Procedure for suspension:
    1. Please fill in form online and enclose the related supporting documents, which should with signed name and reason statement.
    2. Please come to NCKU division for suspension procedure in person.
  3. Other notes:
    1. For those who completed the suspension procedure, tuition and miscellaneous fees are waived. For those conduct the suspension procedure within the refund period and if they haven’t pay the fees, they should still pay the fees first, then university’s cashier division can continue the refund procedure. For the refund related issue, please refer to standard form for refunding tuition and miscellaneous fees, or you may consult cashier for further questions (Ext.50613).
    2. Suspension period can be 1 semester, 1 academic year or 2 academic year for each time, but the total of suspension years can’t exceed 2 years.
    3. For those apply suspension and get approved, if they have grades during the suspension period, the grade will not be counted.