Brief History

The International Master of Business Administration (IMBA) Program was founded in 2006.  Half of the students are Taiwanese citizens and the other half are from abroad.  We prioritize diversity; not only that our students are from 16 different countries, but also more they are from different educational background with variety of work experience. The 2005 class was made of 78 students of which 40 are from abroad, and the 2006 class was even larger and more diverse.

The program is designed to develop and sharpen students’ business skills to manage enterprises in a global environment.  Furthermore, through interaction between local and foreign participants, the students are able to obtain insightful knowledge of culture differences and cross-culture understanding.  Students will experience both international negotiation and cooperation.

Our vision is:

1. Globalization 2. Professionalism 3. Communication 4. Integrity

IMBA is an independent institute in the college of management, and it is the only institute taught entirely in English. It recuits international students every spring and autumn, and recruits local students every autumn. In the early days of establishment, the teachers came from various department and taught relevant course in English. Since 2008, full-time and project teachers have been hired successively. Our full-time teachers have obtained doctorate degrees from first class universities in the United Kindom, the United States, and France.  Since 2009, it has begun to recruit Taiwanese doctoral students, who will enroll in the fall of each academic year.

 Past and current institute director include:
  • Dean of College of Management professor Wann-Yi Wu initiated IMBA program;
    Deputy Dean of College of Management professor Zhe-Nan Pan served as CEO
  • Director of IMBA professor Wann-Yi Wu
    (also served as Dean of College of Management in the first year )
    Deputy Dean of College of Management professor Zhe-Nan Pan served as CEO
  • Deputy Dean of College of Management professor Zhe-Nan Pan served as Director
    Prosessor Xi-An Shi served as CEO
  • Director of IMBA professor Jeng-Chung Chen
  • Director of IMBA professor Miin-Jye Wen
  • Director of IMBA professor Wei-Shiun Chang

Cultivate future business leaders with professional knowledge, communication and leadership skills while enhancing their ethical global vision in a multicultural environment.

  1. Enhance students’ global vision and perspectives through teaching how to conduct multinational businesses in diverse economies, political systems, cultures and changing patterns of international competitions.
  2. Learn qualitative and quantitative skills for cultivating students’ professional knowledge in the fields of international strategic and marketing management, international finance, I.T. and operations management.
  3. Enhance students’ communication and leadership skills such as self-awareness, self-management, collaboration, and teamwork to better negotiate the potential complexities in organizations.
  4. Provide students with skills and knowledge of business to ethically manage business operations for productivity and performance.