【 IMBA Local Program】

  • Quota 24 people

【Qualification & Entry Requirement】

  1. Applicants who are graduates with a bachelor degree from a MOE-registered college/university in Taiwan ROC, or from an MOE-accredited college/university abroad, or those who are qualified with an equivalent educational level.
  2. Besides the above education requirement, applicants need to have over 1 year working experience. (Please enclose proof of related work experience)


  1. Document Evaluation (50%):Please submit the following documents in order:
    1. Transcript
    2. Proof of work experience (including tenure, certificate and work experience)
    3. Professional Performance and Research Plan (Please give a brief summary)
    4. Autobiography/Personal Statement (knowledge to management, research experience & awards, life experience, society activities)
    5. Other documents that are beneficial to your application
  2. Interview (50%)


  1. Students are required to come to Tainan campus for class.
  2. All courses will be taught in English, the lecture will be scheduled based on evening class and weekend/holiday class. 

  3. The credit fee for local program is 9000NTD per credit, The tuition fee and miscellaneous fees will be 12,000 NTD per semester. The fees are charged according to NCKU standard during the study period.
  4. After document review, those who pass the document evaluation will be shortlisted and informed for interview. Please submit qualification documents for review during the application period.
  5. The regulation of IMBA pre-requisite courses and other coursework, please refer to the IMBA official website or consult with IMBA office.
  6. Students are required to pass the English Proficiency Standard before his/her application of final defense. For English Proficiency Standard, please refer to IIMBA website for details.