Pre-requisite courses

  • Statistical Methods
  • Managerial Economics
  • Managerial Accounting
  • a. All Master students, including students in suspension, are required to take the three pre- requisite courses if they have not previously taken these courses at either graduate or undergraduate level.
  • b. An exemption is possible if students have already taken the course at undergraduate or graduate level. Students are required to submit an application for Course Exemption within 4 weeks after the first day of the enrollment period of first semester.
  • c. The pre-requisite courses must be completed within two years after enrollment.
    • i. If the pre-requisite courses are not exempted, students must complete the courses within two years after enrollment.
    • ii. If students take pre-requisite courses in IIMBA during the summer, they will be credited in the coming Fall semester. However, these courses will NOT be counted as part of the required thirty-nine (39) course credits required for graduation.
  • d. To have a course exempted, please refer to the exemption regulations in item 4