Students may choose to be exempted from pre-requisite courses if they have already completed similar subjects in the past. Please note, however, that the program will not credit any courses that students are exempted from.

The exemption is only for the pre-requisite courses. Please note that these pre-requisite courses will not count toward your graduation credits, but will be credited in the following fall semester.

The submission of exemption application documents does not mean the exemption will be automatically granted. The application for the exemption is subject to the approval of the review committee and the IIMBA faculty.

The following courses are qualified for exemption:
Statistical Methods
Managerial Economics
Managerial Accounting

Application Procedures:

  1. Submission of the Exemption Form:
    • (1) Application Period: within 4 weeks after the first day of the enrollment period of first semester.
    • (2) Required Documents:
      • (a) Fill out the “Course Exemption Application Form” (this is emailed to you by the IIMBA Office. You can also get this form from the IIMBA Office if you did not receive an email).
      • (b) A copy of the transcript with requested course (s)(please also bring the original transcript while you submitted the application).
      • (c) A copy of the syllabus of the courses to be exempted.
      Note: Please make sure that the grading system used by your university and the courses to be exempted are clearly stated and described in the transcript and the syllabus (if possible).
  2. Exemption Ways:
    Documents Evaluation: Documents are reviewed by Subject Matter Experts forming the Exemption committees. The decision of the review committees is final.
  3. After Evaluation:
    If you fail the exam (Passing grade: 70 pts) or evaluation, then you need to take the IIMBA Pre-requisite courses (The courses offered during summer vacation). These courses should be taken within the IIMBA department.