Summer Course Information

  • Only Pre-requisite courses: (Statistical Methods, Managerial Accounting, Managerial Economics) are offered during summer holiday.
  • Registration Fee per Course:NT$ $27,000
  • Only if the registered course is cancelled, registration fee will be refunded. No withdrawal or refund for other reasons.
  • Registration date and payment will be subject to the announcement according to the current year.
  • If summer course is the pre-requisite course for the first semester and suspension after that, the scores can’t be retained.
    For example, courses offered in the summer holiday during 101 academic year are counted in the 1st semester of the 101 academic year. If the suspension is made in the 1st semester of the 101 academic year, the credits taken during the summer and 1st semester will not be counted.
  • NCKU Portal Integrat students affairs service (including 12 systems and 15 projects), students can log in the course enrolment system and check the credits.
    Pre-set password rule:【ID card】last 4 digits + 【Birthday】last 4 digits。
    For example:【ID card】:A123456789,【Birthday】:78/6/12 (yy/mm/dd),then password will be:67890612