Local Students


Candidates with a recognized Master's degree from a MOE-registered college/university in Taiwan ROC, or from an MOE-accredited college/university abroad, or those who are qualified with an equivalent educational level and have academic publication equivalent to master thesis are eligible to apply for Ph. D. programs.

Exam Subject:

  1. Written Test (35%): All questions and answers are in English.
    1. Management
    2. Critique on Management Papers
  2. Evaluation (30%): Submission deadline will be announced separately.
    1. Master thesis with transcript
    2. Professional Performance and Research Plan
    3. Autobiography/Personal Statement
    4. Other documents that are beneficial to your application
  3. Interview (35%)


  1. All courses will be taught in English
  2. Supporting documents need to be submitted along with the application, please refer to doctoral program application manual.
  3. Application form and qualification (including education diploma and proof of experience) need to be submitted along with the application.
  4. Those who have passed the written test will be informed the individual document submission deadline for evaluation and interview date.