Credit Program


  • IMBA aims to promote the concept of continuing learning, promote education for returning talents, cooperate with education policies and make full use of university resources, serve the society, improve the level of public knowledge, provide the further education needs of graduate alumni and the general public, increase multiple channels for further education and opportunities for return education, thus attracting management from all walks of life, industry, government, and academia to have professional management training and being cultivated to business leader.
  • Improve professional management skills for work

  • Prepare for master education

  • Learn business knowledge in multi-cultural environment


  • Over 1 year work experience with college or above educational qualification

【Application Period】

  • Application will open for winter and summer vacations every year, the exact date please refer to announcement on the official website.

【Admission Decision】

  • Admission decisions are based on document evaluation. You will be admitted if you pass the document review. Please provide proof of work experience (labour insurance certificate or work certificate) and educational diploma for review.


  • Please login to website of center for continuing education and register as member, and mail the supporting document to IMBA office. Once you pass the document review process, get the remittance account number and finish the payment, the application will be deemed complete.

【Credit Fee】

  • NT$9,000 per credit, Course taught in English, class registration along with the on-going class
    Contact: Katherine Chen / TEL:06-2757575 Ext. 53011