Course Information



Area 1
Marketing and Strategy

Area 2
Finance and Accounting

Area 3
IT,Operation and Decision Making


Statistical Method (RA61100)

Managerial Accounting (RA61000)

Managerial Economics(RA61200)

*It is subject to Advisor's approval whether or not the advisee needs to take pre-requisite courses.

*Confirmed pre-requisite course list needs to be submitted to IMBA office by the end of the first month of student's first semester.
Fundamental courses
Must take all Seminar (1) RA70310 Seminar (3) RA70330
Seminar (2) RA70320 Seminar (4) RA70340
Fundamental courses to be chosen from elective course list and approved by advisor

Fundamental Course Number 1:

Fundamental Course Number 2:

Fundamental Course Number 3:

Fundamental Course Number 4:


Choose at least 1 Methodology Course

Business Research Method

Multivariate Analysis

Business Decision Method

Qualitative Research Method

Research Methodology in Social Science

Econometrics Research Method One
  Confirmed study plan/ course list needs to be submitted to the IMBA office by the end of student's first semester.


Area 1
Marketing and Strategy

Area 2
Finance Accounting

Area 3
IT, Operation and Decision Making

Elective Course Choose Seven courses from the list Marketing Management Finanacial Management Production Operation Management
Consumer Behavior Financial Pricing Business Ethic and Information Security
International Business Financial Reporting E-Business and Supply Chain Management
International Marketing Management International Financial Mangement Knowledge Management
Leadership Theory and Practice Investment Management Information System
Marketing Strategy FInancial Institution RIsk Management Project Management
Marketing Modeling Behavior Finance Quality Management
Culture Branding Strategy Real Estate Finance Technology Management
Market-Based Marketing Management Theory of Finance Virtual Team Mangement
Service Marketing Financial Markets and Institutions Service Innovation
Contemporary Consumer Behavior Research Corporate Finance Strategy Information System
Organizational Management Business Ethics and Decision Making Biases in Managerial Decision Making
Human Resource Management Business Analysis and Valuation Behavioral Decision Theory
Human Resource Management in Health Industry Theory of International Financial Management E-Commerce
Strategic Branding Financial Derivatives Procurement Management
Strategic Management Internatioal Finance Supply Chain Risk Management
International Business Management   Service Operation Management
Entrepreneurial Management    
Business Policy and Strategy    
Organizational Development and Transformation    
Organizational Theory and Management    
Mergers and Acquisitions    
Service Management    
Business Ethics and Law    
Corporate Governance    
International Negotiation and Communication