1. Master students need to complete the course work(39 credits) and finish the master thesis by the end of second semester in second academic year. Upon the advisor’s approval, students need to apply for final defense before the specified deadline.
  2. For the final defense of the master's degree, an examination committee shall be formed in accordance with the procedures for the appointment of IMBA master thesis review committee members, and the degree examination shall be conducted.
  3. Please submit your thesis to committee members for review 14 days before scheduled final defense date.
  4. After finishing your master final defense, other related procedures please refer to the attachment.



List Items Remarks
2 weeks before Final Defense A Determine the final defense date and venue. Please confirm with advisor on the committee list, final defense date, time and venue.
B Get format approved by format checked and pass the similarity check on Turn It In.

Email the electronic copy of master thesis to the Format Checker for style check.

After getting format approved by the format checkers, send an electronic copy of your thesis to the IIMBA office to do the similarity check on Turn It In.
C. Submit the accomplished [master thesis defense application form]. Fill in the information such as thesis title, final defense time and committee list in the form, and get signature of the committee members, and return the completed form to IMBA office.
D Print out the hard copies of master thesis that you will present in the final defense.

Distribute the hard copies to committee members 2 week before final defense date.

Final Defense Date F.

Collect the master thesis file bag.

Committee members shall fill in their comments of final defense in the master thesis opinion review form inside the file bag.
G Return all the documents in the master thesis file bag after the master thesis.

Make a photo copy of the thesis opinion review photo, and return the original copy to IMBA office.

After final defense, IMBA will send out the letter of After Defense, please prepare the leaving campus procedure according to guidelines in the letter.