Ann Shawing Yang
  • Professor
  • Ann Shawing Yang
  • Dr. Ann Shawing Yang is a Professor of Finance at the Institute of International Management, National Cheng Kung University. She obtained her Ph.D. in Economics Sciences and Master of Business Administration degree from SCIENCE PO – INSTITUTE D’ETUDES POLITIQUES DE PARIS. She also obtained her Bachelor of Finance from Pennsylvania State University. She received the Ministry of Education Senior Teaching Excellence Award (20 years), National Cheng Kung University Teaching Excellence Award(s), and National Cheng Kung University College of Management Research Award(s). Her research interests include behavioral finance, investments, and financial markets; plus corporate social responsibilities.

  • Education

    2005 SCIENCE PO - IEP de Paris

  • Honor

    Ministry of Education Excellent Senior Teachers Reward 20 years of service

    109 school year National Cheng Kung University Teaching Excellence Award

    103 school year National Cheng Kung University Teaching Excellence Award

  • Research

    Investments and Financial Markets, Behavioral Finance, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

  • Contact

    06-2757575 -53565

2023/08~present Professor of Finance, Insitute of International Management, NCKU

2012/08~2023/07 Associate Professor of Finance, Institute of International Management, NCKU

2008/08~2012/07 Assistant Professor of Finance, Institute of International Management, NCKU

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Ministry of Science and Technology

110 投資人情緒與公司不法行為之關聯性: 以差別接觸與懲罰理論為例

106 探討投資人情緒與好奇心之關聯性: 以謠言為例

103 投資人情緒與社會觀感之關聯性: 隱藏訊息特性之探討

102 投資人情緒與時間效應之關聯性

99 儲值卡使用意願之研究 – 彩券消費為例

98 探討彩券發行對社會與經濟層面之衝擊

97 消費者選擇金融投資商品之困難度研究


Ministry of Education, Teaching Practice Research Program

111 財務課程主動式學習與學習成效之關聯性: 以選擇題測驗評量為例

110 財務課程專題式學習: 外國和台灣學生小組報告之分工與合作困難度分析

109 財務報表課程參與困難度分析:外國和台灣學生學習風格差異