Hui-Ching Sana Hsieh
  • Associate Professor
  • Hui-Ching Sana Hsieh
  • Hui-Ching Sana Hsieh is an Associate Professor in the Institute of International Management (IMBA) at National Cheng Kung University, where she joined the faculty in 2013. Sana received her BS degree from National Taiwan University in Taiwan, and M.Phil and PhD from the University of Cambridge in UK. Sana’s current research interests rely on corporate finance and entrepreneurial finance with a focus on crowdfunding. Sana is a member of Chinese Association of Business and Intangible Assets Valuation, and has also served in many university committees. She is also a recipient of Teaching Excellence Award at National Cheng Kung University in both 2018 and 2020.

  • Education

    University of Cambridge, PhD in Land Economy, 2012

  • Honor

    Teaching Excellence Award, NCKU 2020
    Teaching Excellence Award, NCKU 2018

  • Research

    Corporate finance, Entrepreneurial finance

  • Contact

    06-2757575 -53567

Associate Professor, Institute of International Management, NCKU

Assistant Professor, Institute of International Management, NCKU

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Equity crowdfunding, COVID-19 and industry of the startup firm


Equity crowdfunding and ownership structure