【Activity】Dive back into the Unforgettable Moments of Our IIMBA Orientation!

Although the event has come to a close, the magic lives on! We had the honor of introducing our esteemed professors and dedicated office team, acknowledging exceptional student accomplishments, enjoying breathtaking performances, and building connections through lively ice-breaking games.

Our Professors and Office Team: These beacons of wisdom and warmth illuminate our IIMBA family. They stand as unwavering pillars of support, always ready to empower and inspire.

Student Awards: Applause resounds for the remarkable achievements of our students! Their unwavering dedication and hard work merit every accolade. 

Performances and Ice-Breaking Games: The stage was ablaze with performances that left us captivated, showcasing the limitless talents of our students. Laughter, camaraderie, and indelible moments filled the atmosphere as friendships blossomed right before our eyes.

Relish these treasured moments with us as you delve into the videos and photos we've captured.

Share your own memories, and let's keep the vibrant spirit of this extraordinary event alive!